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Stenciled Fondant

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Hi Everyone!

We have been getting a lot of inquiries regarding how to use our stencils aside from the normal airbrush or royal icing techniques. We also wondered how well it would work with fondant. What better way to answer your questions than to do a little experiment. Chona from Dolcetti di Mamma created this cake using our very own Riley Plaque Cutter and Circle Diamond Stencil. According to Chona, she is a chicken when it comes to royal icing so she used dust to apply the stencil pattern onto the fondant. We thought that it was an absolutely brilliant technique. Here is our effort to replicate this effect along with some slight modifications to add a little bit more texture. 


As early as now, please let us apologize for any blurry shots. I just realized how hard it was to shoot and work at the same time. lol


  • cutter 
  • small rolling pin with guides
  • pearl sheen airbrush color
  • pearl dust
  • corn starch
  • brush
  • stencil
  • fondant or gumpaste

1. Roll out your fondant/gumpaste to your desired thickness. For this particular project, I used the purple guide (1/8 in. height) to get a thicker piece. 

2. Optional: pre-cut the shape as a guide to how much of the fondant should be painted.


3. Dust the top of the fondant with some cornstarch to prevent the stencil from sticking.

4. Place your stencil on top of the fondant and emboss the pattern on the fondant by using the same rolling pin to do a single pass over the stencil. Make sure to press down firmly while rolling so you don't have to do more than one pass. You can actually stop at this point to have an embossed pattern on your fondant piece. Simply cut out the fondant to your desired shape.


5. But why stop there? Take it to the next level by getting a teeny bit (couple of drops) of sheen airbrush color and painting it onto the piece of fondant/gumpaste with the stencil still on. I have found out that this technique is much easier than removing the stencil first before painting onto the embossed pattern. The stencil somehow serves as a barrier so that the paint does not bleed into the parts that you want to remain unpainted. 

6. Let the airbrush paint dry for a little bit and carefully peel off the stencil from your fondant piece. You will end up with a funky oval shape but that is okay. You can easily fix it by re-cutting your shape with your cutter. 


7. Voila! Here it is!


If you do not have sheen airbrush colors readily available, you can use the dry brush method with pearl dust. Just repeat steps 1 thru 4 then follow these simple steps.

5. Dip your DRY brush into your pearl dust and brush the raised part of your piece with pearl dust. Brush it to your heart's content. 


6. Carefully peel off the stencil and cut your desired shape out. There you go! You are done!


Thank you guys for bearing with my simple tutorial! :) Hope you all like it!



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